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Need some ideas?Questioning color choices?Furnishing a new room?Lacking time to do it?Needs some custom refinishing?Time to refresh?

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You see our store all the time, come see what we do for our clients homes...complete with a cheering section...

Meet Jen Lane

Our founder and driving force is always looking to apply her talent and passion to new spaces. Get to know her a little better...


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If you swing by the store, engage our staff. Bring pics and share your vision. If you need onsite attention, our founder Jen Lane is available to schedule an appointment and join you on the journey... Read More

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Pictures say a thousand words. Show us where your at and maybe where you're going and we'll work to help make that vision come alive.

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We work to accommodate your schedule. If time is your challenge, we get it. We blend onsite appointments and technology to efficiently get the job done... Read More

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From design consultation to purchasing, custom fabrication and refinishing to guiding you on a DIY mission, we provide knowledge, guidance and expertise to make your space special... Read More